Little do we know is a project that aims to communicate the need to establish proper boundaries between tracking technology and personal privacy by informing the public of the current commercial practices and developing a program for social action and reform.

What is an MFA project?

I was presented with the challenge of finding a problem and designing a solution for it. It can be a design problem, a social issue, a new product or anything that will benefit from a design solution. This one year process starts out with researches,

statistics, interviews, user tests, and lot of exploration to find the best way to solve the problem. We then create a effective and compelling solution using all of the tools graphic designers have at our disposal.


Organization Website: Little Do We Know organization uses a website to create a communication platform to interact with target audience and update news feed. The website also provides research and facts of privacy issues in the digital world to enhance the importance of the problem.

Branding: Creating Little Do We Know organization brand guides and branded materials for the Critical Eye exhibition.

Exhibition: Critical Eye exhibition is held by Little Do We Know organization. Through a series of attractions, it reveals how personal privacy has been invaded by advanced tracking technologies in the digital world. The attractions range from in-depth statistical analysis to introspective art works – bringing the effects of advanced tracking technologies on our day-to-day life.

Marketing Campaign Materials: Developing series of collaterals for promoting the Critical Eye exhibition.