As a designer, I’m passionate about the creative process and the experimentation of innovative design. I fully embrace the dynamic nature and endless possibilities of design in order to solve business challenges.


Design Process

Project Requirements

  • Define the right problem to solve
  • Define the goal & user needs
  • Define time frame & technical restraint
  • Gather info about product history/context

Research & Ideation

  • Gather info from both internal teams and users
  • Research similar product/feature in the market
  • Illustrate high-level concepts with rationales
  • Define success metrics

UX Design

  • Define optimal user flow
  • Create wireframes with different use cases and scenarios
  • Research UX pattern
  • Refine project scope

UI Design

  • Research UI pattern
  • Experiment with different visuals
  • Define components, states, hidden elements, transitions and visual cues
  • Conduct user testing

Production Design

  • Create animations/interactive prototypes to demonstrate motions and design details to engineers
  • Document edge cases and logic specification

Testing and Monitoring

  • Validate development results
  • Monitor success metrics
  • Collect user feedback for followup improvement plans