Reinvent the outdated Hummer brand to become a brand that empowers people with a sense of dominance, security and confidence.


This rebranding project aimed to identify the essence of the Hummer brand and transform it into a new direction while still remaining true to its core essence.


Hummer was a military-look truck and SUV brand that I converted into a technology and business hub. After conducting extensive research on self-building and career expanding business. I came up with a new strategy for Hummer based on their core spirit — empowering people with a sense of security, dominance and confidence. Instead of just being a vehicle company, the new Hummer would aim to be a brand that pushes people’s ambitions to higher altitudes. Hummer would provide accessible resources for individuals and businesses, offering them the knowledge and information they need to take control of their future.

The new mark for Hummer is a combination of three diagonal bars and a shield shape conveying dominance, confidence and security. The arrangement of the bars and shield symbolizes overcoming self limitation and aiming for higher ideals. The mark makes a simple and bold graphic statement that can be adopted on different platforms. The brand identity is a design scheme made up of a number of core elements and guiding principles combine to create a distinctive look and feel that makes the Hummer brand immediately recognizable.