Deconstructive Evolution is a film festival that explores the madness of human consciousness and its terrifying evolution. The event celebrates the early sci-fi horror films of David Cronenberg.


Design all features of a film festival dedicated to a film director of our choice. Discover a common theme seen within the selection of films we choose and conceptualize a design aesthetic that brings it to life. Generate a system of deliverables that includes: a catalog, a poster, a DVD set, tickets, schedule and promotional materials such as a website and advertisements.

Conception Explorations


The challenge was to create a dramatic experience that matches the bold imagery of David Cronenberg’s films. The following films inspired my approach: Shivers, Rabid, Scanners, Videodrome and The Fly.

I am intrigued by the sci-fi horror films that David Cronenberg produced in the early stage of his film making career. The way he conveys tangible horror and grotesque phenomena are direct and impactful.

Due to his keen interest in science, especially lepidopterology and botany, an organic and disturbing visual sensation is depicted vividly in his films. In diving into his films, I noticed that the main characters all lacked moderation in what they were pursuing, so tragedy was inescapable. Therefore, for the overall visual, I developed a series of disturbing black and white photos with distorted human figures and slice marks to present Cronenberg’s twisted perspective on human experiments and their evolution.