Course Intelligence


Golf course operators have limited methods to understand and communicate with golfers due to lack of customer data and modern technology.


Allow golf course operators leverage 18Birdies mobile app user data and golf course insights through a web-based app to better understand and communicate with golfers.

Golf Course General Managers and Operators


My Role:
UI/UX designer. Worked closely with project manager and web developers, data engineers to deliver the beta version.


Provide golf course operators insights (e.g., competitor data, golfer demographics, customer feedback, etc.) so they can make business decisions with confidence.

Help golf course operator manage course information like open hours, location, images of the course, etc.

Allow golfers and course operators to directly communicate with each other (e.g., upcoming events, golf course feedback, etc.)

Research of golf course operators helped us to plan out MVP. The more important and most frequently used functions must be accessible easily and quickly. Based on the prioritization, it is possible to group features as the chart on the right:

Once we validated navigation principles and were satisfied with the work flows, I started to work on the user interface. Due to the time restrain of the project, I Jumped to creating detailed wireframes in order to validate the product concepts with our potential business partners and internal teams.


Golf course operators can customize the dashboard for their business need by adding filters and rearranging the charts. They can also benchmark the golf course performance by comparing it with the nearby courses.

Course Profile

Golf course operators can manage the course profile information on 18Birdies mobile app directly via Course Intelligence platform.


By integrating with the 18Birdies mobile app, golf course operators are able to interact with their customers.