The Email Content Creation project helps to improve the user experience of the Revinate Marketing app.

The Revinate Marketing app is a web-based application that allows hoteliers to drive revenue and build better relationships through Email Marketing, Guest CRM, and Upsells.


The current email content creation tools are very clunky and lack crucial functionalities. This leads to client frustration and a high churn rate.

Some clients would rather use third-party solutions instead of the current Revinate Marketing app for email content creation. The tool should be more user-friendly.

My Role

I led the effort to improve the app usability in order to reduce the client’s frustration. I worked closely with project management, engineering, and customer success to determine project needs.

Competitive Analysis

In addition to collecting usability feedback from existing users, I investigated dozens of campaign creation services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Stripo to learn the pros and cons of each app. By doing so, I was able to determine the Revinate Marketing app improvement areas.

Feature Highlights

1. Email Template Management Tool

Email Template management tool allows hoteliers to better create and control their brand voice and style.

2. Image Library

Provide hoteliers access to free stock images to make their email campaign more attractive to hotel guests.

3. Email Editor

Micro animations were added to help users navigate the interface smoothly.

Learning and Iterating

To validate the usability of the new features and redesigns, Invision and Craft were leveraged to conduct user testings.

Google Slide was also used to collect and share testing insights across different teams.