Wanderer is a mobile app that provides audio information about your surroundings (ie: parks, city heritages, museums, etc…) without the need to open the app.


Thorough research and a solid design process design a mobile application that includes user defining, information architecture building and user interface visualizing.



The App allows users to explore San Francisco without doing research beforehand. They have opportunities to learn about city history and hidden stories as they pass local sights. Initially, I brainstormed about how to bring users a better experience when they are traveling. Considering that San Francisco is a pedestrian-friendly city, if the app provides info in an audio format instead of as reading material, the possibility of distracting users from the city views can be decreased.

Wanderer, with iPhone’s geofencing technology running in the background, allows you to pocket your phone and stay engaged with the city. When near a tourist destination, SF Wanderer alerts you with a push notification, offering you sight info including an audio introduction, photographs and fun facts. In addition, the app features a rewards system, which allows users to level up by discovering more and more audio stories in the city. The app encourages users to explore cities more in depth.

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