Food additives are in nearly everything we eat but most consumers are not aware of them. The goal of the Behind the Label campaign is to increase awareness of the issue and provide consumers with a tool to examine what food additives they are consuming.


This project aims at increasing awareness of the hidden problem of food additives. This project addresses the hidden problem of food additives through designing in a way that will generate people’s interest in this health issue.



Food additives are chemicals added to foods to keep them fresh or to enhance their color, flavor or texture. Some of the long-term effects of consuming food additives are currently unknown and some people are sensitive to particular additives. In this project, I applied a series of questions to keep the consumer intrigued without being discouraged. To send a message tailored to the target customer, I designed a brand system, a brochure, posters, and other promotional materials. The concept was to introduce the ‘Behind the Label’ App in the market to help people recognize the additives in the food they were about to purchase or consume.

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